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All About Us

VJS INTERNATIONAL is a manufacturing company with its production units in Firozabad for glass, Moradabad for metal and Saharanpur for wooden articles. We have more than 30 years experience in production and designing for more than 200 Importers, mostly in Europe & few more in USA, Canada & Japan.
We are specialized in custom made designs for individual importers. You can get an overall impression of different items produced & designed by us on this website.
For the convenience of our buyers, we have our showroom & head office in New Delhi, which is 30 minutes drive from the airport.

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Promoting sustainability, a good work environment and honest labor.

Operating from our head office in New Delhi, customers can visit our 1200 Sq Ft showroom and indulge themselves in our extensive range of products and collections. From here you can place your order, which is then sent to our production units in Firozabad, Moradabad and / or Saharanpur, depending on the ordered products. All our production units have been certified and operate according to specific norms and standards (please go to the 'certificate' page below for more information on the certificates). We pride ourselves for the excellence in product quality that we deliver to our customers. To ensure that the quality is as expected, we have built numerous quality control checks within our production chain. Once the products have passed the final inspection, they will be loaded into the shipping container and are sent to their destination from the Mumbai port trust harbour.


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